RHINO®-Workshop 2010

On September 15-17, 2010 the practical advanced training of the otorhinolaryngologists Diner, Gööck, Maas and Sauer was again held in Elisabeth Hospital in Kassel under the patronage of the Deutscher Berufsverband der HNO-Ärzte.

Part 1 of the RHINO® Workshop was an interdisciplinary Continuing Education on Wednesday Afternoon. Lectures on the topics of facelifts and eyelid surgery were held for the first time. At the end, the participants were able to take part in a practical exercise. Prof. Mlynski introduced objective methods for the quantification the impairment of nasal breathing.

In Part 2 of the RHINO® Workshop, also known as Rhinosurgery Live, seven surgeries to the inner and outer nose were transmitted to the symposium location in HD quality using two cameras. Demonstrations included the I-beam technique (extended columella strut made of auricular cartilage) by the Swiss colleague Briner and a sectioning and resectioning technique of the alar cartilage for the deprojection of the tip of the nose by our colleague Riedel. Prof. Brusis implanted the titanium nasal dilator which he developed for expanding the nasal valve. Local contributors introduced open and closed techniques for primary and secondary rhinoplasty, the removal of a rhinophyma and the closure of a perforated septum with a modified bridge-flap technique.

The RHINO® Workshop was evaluated for the first time in 2010 (1 = excellent ... 5 = unsatisfactory).

RHINO®-Workshop (contributors, lectures, etc.) 1,4
Video transmission 1,2
Symposium location 2,3

Comments: The correspondingly equipped symposium location was too small for the more than 100 participants. Therefore Part 1 of the RHINO® Workshop 2011 will be held in the conference rooms of Hotel Gude.

You can view a video compilation of the RHINO® Workshop 2010 here.