RHINO®-Workshop 2014

The 12th RHINO® Workshop was held September 10-12, 2014, in Hotel Gude and Elisabeth Hospital under the patronage of the Deutscher Berufsverband der HNO-Ärzte.

Part 1, also known as Continuing Education on Wednesday Afternoon, was opened with the category "Current events from the otorhinolaryngology department". Then an interdisciplinary contributor team provided information regarding the topic of facial plastic surgery and rhinology. Video-supported step-by-step directions were inaugurated by Wolfgang Gubisch.

In Part 2 of the RHINO® Workshop, also known as Rhinosurgery Live, seven surgeries to the inner and outer nose were transmitted to the symposium location in HD quality using two cameras.

The RHINO® Workshop was evaluated again in 2014 (1 = excellent ... 5 = unsatisfactory).

RHINO®-Workshop (contributors, lectures, etc.) 1.3
Video transmission 1.6
Symposium location 1.3

You can view a video compilation of the RHINO® Workshop 2014 here.